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 Overall condition guidelines:parts set
parts set

Downsizing Collection

A limited number of radios in my collection are open to offers. If you see something you want, please enquire to see if it will be included. If you are unsure of what the radio is worth or hesitant to make an offer, please ask for help in determining its value. Thanks.

RCA T62 item #1821
What a great looking and sounding radio. This is an RCA Model T62. The wood cabinet features different types of wood trim and the original finish is in very nice shape. I have not done any polishing and it still looks fine. There was an area on the back lower side where some small slivers of veneer were missing, but I stained the background and it is hardly noticeable. It really does not detract from the overall condition of the radio. I serviced the transformer powered chassis and did some recapping, peaked the alignment, and it is working fine. It receives both broadcast and short wave bands. The sound is about the best of have heard and that 6F6 really pumps out the volume. The knobs, the escutcheon, the dial face, the pushbuttons, and the grill cloth are all in excellent condition. Now for the extra features that are sure to please: 1. the radio has a 6U5/6G5 tuning eye tube that is clearly lit and working fine, and 2. on the back is a factory installed slide switch and jack that allows an external input. I plugged in my IPOD using a special cable I make with an RCA phono jack on one end and a 3.5 mm stereo plug on the other, and the sound is perfect (on this radio the volume for the external input is controlled by your device and not the radios volume control). If your looking for that special radio with both looks, sound and features, grab this one. Expect shipping to be in the $25-30 range as its got some weight to it (I will pay half).

$125.00      condition: good

1950's Guided Missle Electronics item #1820
For the collector I have two mint variable resistors from the Belock Instrument Corp, LI NY. Here is a link to the companies founder: These are curiosities only and neat items from the 1956 missle era. Both are mint in their original sealed boxes but out of curiosity I opened one to see just what was in there. Just pay for shipping.

$1.00      condition: excellent

Parts - Zenith R600 Transoceanic item #1819
Selling parts from a Zenith Model R600 Transoceanic. Chassis (powers up and hums but all original parts and tubes including a good 50A1, beautiful glass dial no stress cracks) $45, cabinet (fair condition but restorable - parts available what do you need?) $25, other parts please ask (whip antenna, wave magnet antenna, knobs, etc). Buy it whole for $60 (expect shipping to be $25-30 as it is heavy). UPDATE Whip antenna sold.

$1.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Emerson 511 item #1818
Original chassis from an Emerson Model 511. Also fits others in that series (541, 517 etc). Working fine without hum.


Unknown TRF Radio item #1817
I have no idea who made this one. It is definitely a 1930's vintage set from the tube lineup (25Z5, 43, 6C6, 6D6, ballast). Was able to power it up but only hum. Curiosity got the best of me so took it out of the cabinet and the chassis is full of old capacitors so they need replacing. Also, the speaker looked to good to be that old (it was replaced with a PM speaker but fits nicely), What you see is what you get. I think the cabinet has potential to look very nice and has that art deco look. Gotta love those knobs on the front. Great restoration project and you will have an unusal radio when done. Picture coming

$50.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Silvertone 4206 item #1815
Unusual Silvertone Model 4206 radio. The chassis is both AM and FM. However, the AM frequencies appeared on the cabinet face itself while the FM frequencies appeared on the dial face itself. So unless you already have a cabinet, without it you can approximate the position of the AM stations but I would just use this as an FM receiver. The FM indicator on the bottom of the dial glows red when the FM band is selected. When the AM band is selected the other pilot lamp glows white and illuminates the outer dial (if you had the cabinet).Nice 8 tube transformer operated set and was completely recapped when I got it. Plays strong on AM, weaker on FM depending on where I locate the power cord (FM antenna coupled to the AC line). Perhaps with an external FM antenna it would perform better. Has its original knobs. Nice chassis for the price

$25.00      condition: good

Zenith L505 item #1813
From my collection a Zenith Model L505. This is an AC/battery radio. The case is in decent condition but their are a few marks on the front that go into the plastic and some scratches along the back which I suspect are from use. Case has a nice shine and looks better then I am describing. The good news is the radio is working fine. This is an unusual set in that it has a wave magnet in the back that can extend from the radio with suction cups for window mounting (similar to the wavemagnet in the Zenith transoceanics but this one is AM only). You can see it removed in the 2nd picture of the back. Chassis pulls out from the bottom. Everything looks original to the radio. Knobs on each side for on/off/volume and tuning with the tuning dial recessed into the top. Retractable cord. Not an easy model to find. Priced right for a quick sale. Second picture showing back is not the actual color (it is maroon as in first picture not bright red but my flash went off).

$65.00      condition: good

RCA 2X-61 item #1810
Sharp looking RCA Model 2X-61. Bakelite case is in excellent condition with a very nice shine. Chassis was recapped and is playing fine. These radios are getting harder to find because they have the RCA phono jack on the back and if you have an adapter cable you can plug in your IPOD, MP3, or any device with a line level output. You can also plug in a Bluetooth receiver and then can stream music from any source including your iPhone, IPAD, Tablet, etc. The radio is $75 but if you want the adapter cable (safely converts a stereo output from your device to a mono input) and the Bluetooth option please add $25.

$75.00      condition: excellent

Zenith 6S-511 item #1809
Very sharp Zenith Model 6S511. Best shape radio I have had in this series. The bakelite case has a great shine and no damage. The chassis was rebuilt including replacement of the power transformer and works perfectly. All original trim (Zenith Z knobs, pushbuttons, plastic dial, back, tortoise handle). Easily adapted for IPOD, MP3, Tablet, IPAD, Smartphone input for $25 additional (will include Bluetooth receiver). Zenith fans grab this one.

$125.00      condition: excellent

Guild Spice Chest Radio item #1807
This is a great novelty radio by Guild. It is called the Spice Chest Radio and is a Model 484. This is a tube radio built into a spice chest. Guild made very high quality cabinets using all wood construction (no veneers on this cabinet). There are two working louvered doors and two small actual drawers in the front. This radio is in overall excellent original condition and works fine. Can even be hung on the wall. There is a phono input on the back for a record player (pull out tone control in center to switch on the phono input). I will supply a special cable that plugs into the RCA phono input on the back and then plugs into any 3.5 mm stereo jack like on your IPAD, IPOD, MP3, etc and you can stream music from these devices to the radio. For $15 more I will supply a Bluetooth receiver and now your wireless from your Bluetooth device (Smartphone, IPAD etc) to the radio. This is a real conversation piece and sounds as good as it looks.

$75.00      condition: excellent

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