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Downsizing Collection

After years and years of collecting radios I have finally run out of room, and that dreaded word "downsizing" has reared its ugly head. Not all my hundreds of prized possessions are for sale, but if you see something you must have please email for a complete description. Then you can decide what you want to pay for it. I will accept offers only. There are not going to be any lists, and nothing will be priced ahead of time. Shipping will be added to the selling price. Just click on the rectangular button called Collection and make up your wish list. Please remember that my usual For Sale list with descriptions and prices is still functional. Thanks for helping me make my wife happy.

Airline 94BR-1531A item #1769
One of my favorite Airline radios in red - Model 94BR-1531A. The case does not have any cracks or chips, but there is some dirt and spots on the finish. These may come out when cleaning the cabinet, but it will still look considerably better once cleaned. The cord is cut so it is being sold untested. The plastic dial is in good condition and it is a rarity to find it this way. The original bullet knobs are the icing on the cake. I am selling the radio for $35 in as found condition, or $65 with the electronics restored and the case cleaned/polished.

$35.00      condition: fair

Motorola 65T21 item #1768
Nicely styled Motorola Model 65T21 (chassis HS67). Wood case is solid but the finish has some wear and scratches. If you removed just the lacquer finish, lightly sanded, and then reapplied the finish it would look very nice. The front burled wood look ads a lot to the appearance and that only needs to be cleaned. The radio initially did not power up and when I removed the chassis I found an open field coil in the speaker. I replaced it with a permanent magnet speaker and it now works and sounds really good (aside from a scratchy volume control - just needs some spray). The rest of the chassis has its original parts but still plays extremely well without hum. This is a transformer powered chassis with 6 tubes so that is why it sounds so good. Also receives both broadcast and short wave bands (it has a built in antenna system for AM and short wave with a clip if you want to add an external antenna). Rest of radio had its original parts including the 4 knobs and a full label on bottom. Even the decals above the knobs are fully intact and readable. The dial looks good (the light spot in the bottom lower left is the remains of a spider web will come right off) It will be a good radio for the price either refinished or just left as found (use a little Howards Restor A Finish and it will hide the surface wear and look twice as good as it looks now).

$45.00      condition: good

AtwaterKent 48 item #1766
I am selling another radio from the collection of Edward Duda, Chief Design Engineer for Lafayette Electronics. He had a huge shop in his basement and made many custom radios and amplifiers. I was lucky to attend the auction of his estate and bought some nice stuff. The AK 48 I am offering here was completely rebuilt and restored by him. He added a solid state power supply that he fit into the case alongside the original chassis (this was originally a battery set). The insides of the radio are immaculate, The radio works but the volume is low (I had it going into a horn speaker for an authentic sound experience). There are 5 matching Hytron VT 67's (they are similar to a 30 tube) and a 31 output tube. The 2 front controls on the right (rheostats) are a bit sensitive to set because you are adjusting the RF and detector tube circuits. Also, he added a small pot that provides a fine control of the filament voltages inside the cabinet. The wood case is in great condition with the brass AK emblem on the outside and the serial number plate on the inside. The front is also beautiful. This radio has a great deal of provenance to anyone who collects vintage radios, or has memories of Lafayette Electronics. If you do a Google search of Edward Duda/Lafayette Electonics you can find pictures of his shop and some of his collection in the basement.

$125.00      condition: excellent

Hammond Power Transformers item #1765
Have 2 new Hammond 6K56VG power transformers. One is in its original box. Specs - PRI:110-120V, 50/60HZ, SEC 540VCT @120DCMA, 5V @3A, 6.3V @3.5A. More then enough amps to handle those high tube count radios or amplifiers that use 5 volt rectifier tubes. Price is for each.

$35.00      condition: excellent

Unknown TRF Radio item #1763
Kinda neat looking TRF radio from about 1937. The wood case is in excellent condition with just one surface mark on the top front (the slits on the bottom left and right are part of the cabinet design). The chassis is unmarked but when I took it out of the cabinet and checked the tubes I found one that said Coronado. It is a 5 tube (25Z5, 43, 6C6, 6C6 + ballast) AC/DC set. As long as I had it out I replaced all the paper and electrolytic caps and it is playing with good sensitivity and selectivity (surprising for a TRF set). Can't say what is original and what is not but it still looks and sounds nice. On the back of the chassis is a switch that controls the pilot lamp.

$50.00      condition: good

Chassis - Emerson DF item #1761
This is an Emerson DF chassis out of a portable/AC radio circa 1939. It fits several different models including DF302, DF306 and others. This version of the chassis uses a 117L6 combination rectifier/output. Everything looks original and the 6.5 inch speaker is in perfect condition. I cut the power cord because it was frayed but I wired in my variac and at 100 volts I got some hum from the chassis so I would start the restoration with the electrolytics. There was no evidence of any shorts. I will include a copy of the DF chassis schematic.

$25.00      condition: fair

Old 1940's Radio Batteries item #1760
I have accumulated many old radio batteries. They came from portable AC/battery radios from the 1940's. Some were sold by the radio maker (Philco) and others by the battery maker (9 lives, Everready). Various voltages and shapes (A, B and C batteries). They are great for rebuilding with modern batteries or just for display. The batteries tend to be heavy but several can be combined into USPS flat rate shipping boxes to save on mailing costs. The smaller ones are $5 (front row), the larger $10 (back row). Quantity discounts.

$5.00      condition: fair

GE A53 item #1759
Nice looking GE A53 tombstone radio from 1935. Wood cabinet solid and original finish in reasonable shape. A few touch ups and polishing will make it look very presentable. The chassis looked intact so I powered it up on my variac. At 100 volts I was surprised to hear the radio playing very well with just a little background hum (I am sure those electrolytics need changing). All dials work as they should. Very nice original grille cloth and knobs. Original rubber cord is still pliable with just a small piece of tape where it exits the chassis (I would shorten it a drop and that will eliminate the taped part). One of the better examples of this radio in as found condition. Take a look at this link to see what Radio Attic sold this exact model for in 2012: Grab this one at a fraction of that price. Figure insured FedEx shipping to be about $25.

$60.00      condition: fair

Guild Country Belle Telephone Radio item #1755
Sharp looking Country Belle Telephone radio by Guild, Model 556. Quality built solid wood cabinet is in good shape. With some more polishing it will look fine. Radio itself is in working condition. When you pick up the ear piece the radio turns on and replace it to turn off. All parts on the radio are original including wood knobs, cast iron earpiece and mouthpiece with brass trim, brass bells (need some polishing), and brass crank to tune stations. A great collectible and interesting conversation piece.

$50.00      condition: good

Guild Country Belle Telephone Radio Chassis, Parts item #1754
Parting out a Guild Country Belle telephone radio. All parts for sale: 5 tube chassis (working), speaker, metal telephone ear piece, metal and brass telephone mouthpiece, wood knobs, brass bells, station tuning crank, wooden parts off case if wanted. Please ask for pricing.

$1.00      condition: good

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