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Philco 42-335

This is a great example of a Philco Model 42-335 radio from 1942. The wood cabinet is in excellent condition with the original finish. I have not cleaned or polished it but left it the way I found it. The plastic escutcheon is in the best condition I have seen even with just two tiny chips by the two screw holes on the right side. These almost always shrink and crack and this one survived almost intact. The chassis was serviced and works very well with no hum and plenty of volume and sensitivity across the dial. The knobs are original to the radio and all work as they should, The decals over each knob showing the functions are perfect (this radio must not have been used very much) and the grill cloth also looks perfect. All the tubes look to be original Philcos. Don't pass this one up.

$125.00      condition: excellent

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